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Passive House

Breathing life into low energy, healthy buildings

Froster Engineering offers a suite of services purposefully developed to provide our clients a strategic advantage in the building development industry.

  • HRV / ERV Design to suit Passive House
  • HRV / ERV Equipment Supplier Reviews
  • Peer Review of Passive House Mech Designs

The lungs of the Passive House concept is an energy recovery ventilation system that provides year-round 100% fresh air for a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. These systems can be referred to as ERV – Energy Recovery Ventilators, or HRV – Heat Recovery Ventilators. When coupled with airtight, high insulation building envelopes, this has the symbiotic benefit of dramatic reductions in space heating and cooling requirements, while also providing for high comfort levels year-round. No more ‘too hot’ summers or ‘too cold’ winters in the space we live in.

At Froster Engineering, we are passionate about passive house and note this market is available to multi-residential and office developments alike. The fundamentals are the same and apply to many developments. Contact us today to join your passive house team to see dramatic benefits for the end-user.