Froster Engineering is a business built on vision.  We believe in relentlessly exploring what’s possible by shifting our perspectives and thinking.

Our Culture

The core of our culture is to challenge and question the norm while keeping a strong focus on the end user.  A “less is more” approach coupled with a strong respect for first principles engineering is our focus and strength.

Our Core Values

Family, Respect, Opportunity, Self-Improvement, Team Commitment, Education, Responsibility

Team First

We believe great outcomes are achievable by establishing clear values and goals in everything we do personally, professionally and for our clients.  Bringing the right skills and focus into the mix is our number one priority.  Team members who are open to exploring their own passions and self-development while also opening their receptivity to learning outside of their speciality is the glue and accelerant to igniting innovation and positive change.


We seek balance in all we do.  Yoga, meditation, exercise, healthy diet, healthy thinking, interaction with nature.  These are just a few key recipes for a great life.  To inspire a positive way of life for the places we live we must practice what we preach.

Open Door Innovation & Education Hub

Our offices are purposely fitted out to allow for conducive learning, brainstorming and team design workshops.  We hold regular education and discipline training sessions with alliance partners and clients.

We Use Great Tools

We love great tools to make working with our teams and clients more effortless.  Key Tools we are thrilled to share:

For a demo or explanation of the key benefits of these tools and how we utilise them don’t hesitate to contact us.

Jeff’s Journey

September of 2004: Jeff left his cushy job, a 1993 Sports Red Ford Probe (Poor Man’s BMW), his friends and family, and a stable lifestyle in Michigan to explore New Zealand on a working holiday. He left with $2k to his name. On this journey he was opened to the world outside of the United States. “My education and life experience on this continuing adventure never ceases to amaze me.”

Taking measured risks for some is simply pursing opportunities for others. When we take ourselves out of our comfort zone we grow and opportunities abound. This guiding principal drives Jeff’s vision for the future of the built environment and our mission for Froster Engineering.

Jeff is a proud father of two beautiful girls (Clara – 3, Ella – 6) and husband to the true Director of his life, Julie. Their future is OUR future.

Jeff is has professional engineering licenses in both the United States (PE) and Australia (CPEng).

Jeff is the Founder of the University of Michigan Alumni Club Australia. When you see him be sure to greet him properly, i.e. “Go Blue!!”