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  • Retail & Mixed Use

    Retail developments require a strong sense of the interior design and architectural elements to ensure form and function are aligned. The trend toward mixed-use development will only get stronger in the years ahead as the public looks to work and purchase goods in the same spaces they inhabit. With the 3 in 1 approach to development comes multiple services requirements and stringent coordination effort. We have a number of successful project outcomes in this space and would like to share with you how we delivered them well. Ask us about our experience in the retail & mixed-use sector and how we can add value to your projects.

  • Arts & Public

    Public development projects must ensure best value for money is achieved with taxpayer dollars utilized. A strong emphasis on life cycle is key to successful outcomes in this sector. Let’s discuss your public works project and how we can strike a balance.

  • Commercial

    Strategic planning and concept briefing early on in the development life cycle of a commercial building can reap great benefits for all key stakeholders. The office development market is highly competitive and sustainable initiatives aligned with practical thinking are a must. We are ready for leading this effort for your best value outcome.

  • Education & Research

    We believe great engineered buildings can enhance our lives and can act as a catalyst for inspired human activity. Schools and research facilities are ripe for an opportunity to set the benchmark and 1% differentiator against the market norms. Let’s explore these opportunities together.

  • Health & Aged Care

    Thermo-regulation is essential for human survival, especially in our ever-changing climate. The aging population can often develop thermo-regulatory deficits and hence are unable to internally manage the necessary heating and cooling of their bodies appropriately. One factor that can help with this issue is high standard temperature controls/systems of the building in which people reside. We are passionate to add value to your project requirements in this specialist sector.

  • Laboratory

    Laboratory facilities require a fundamental knowledge of air balance (fume cupboards, make-up air, HVAC, pressure control) and isolation to ensure functional use and risk is mitigated with respect to operation. We have successfully completed a number of lab projects and are happy to share our knowledge and experience in this space for your ideal lab development outcome.

  • Mining NPI

    The buildings which support mining activity are critical to health and wellness of the key assets which make them successful; staff and contractors. We have solid experience in this sector from Rio Tinto, FMG, BHP to Talison Lithium. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can streamline your NPI project’s Mechanical (HVAC), electrical (power & lighting), and plumbing (hydraulic) engineering requirements.

  • Multi-Residential

    Multi-residential (apartment, flat) developments require a few key fundamental principals to be applied in the area of ventilation and indoor air quality. We are on a mission to ensure existing and new multi-residential building stock is designed in a manner which enhances the lives of those living in them. We have advocated for end users which have suffered from ill health due to mold and poor air quality from fundamental issues with the design. Ensure you are on the good side of this story. We look forward to educating and applying these fundamental principals of good air quality to your apartment developments. Ask us to forward information from our case studies and ongoing initiatives to improve outcomes in this sector.

  • Hotels

    We are renowned for providing mechanical (HVAC) engineering systems which coordinate seamlessly with the architectural requirements of these multi-function developments inclusive of ensuite, rooms, function rooms, restaurants and cafe’s. There are great opportuntiies available to owners and developers of hotels to ensure optimal end-user experience however while also lowering their capital and running cost$/kwhr outlay. Let’s explore these opportunities available to you and seek to add optimum value to your bottom line.