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Opportunity Analysis

Optimising the balance between capital, operational, and maintenance expenditure for HVAC systems.

Froster Engineering offers a suite of services purposefully developed to provide our clients a strategic advantage in the building development industry.

  • Condition Audit of Existing Mechanical Plant
  • Life Cycle Assessment of Mechanical Systems
  • Economic Analysis (i.e. VRV vs. Chilled Water)
  • Master Planning / Strategic Mechanical Upgrades
  • Social Capital Value Add

We appreciate the nature of the competitive development sector is for buildings. We also acknowledge there are opportunities to be made when clear and succinct economic motivators are presented holistically. At Froster Engineering, we seek to advise our clients on the various mechanical systems available and how they can impact their Opex, Capex, and Maintenance Budgets for their building projects.

We believe in the fundamentals of economic analysis to assist in making informed, value-adding decisions for building engineering projects. If you are considering various options for your building mechanical systems, let’s crunch the numbers to gather which option is the most suitable. We also appreciate there is value in the realm of social capital which offers for improved health and wellness, lower energy and thus offers great benefit to society and the environment. The more we give back the more we receive in the world like a boomerang.