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Geothermal Feasibility

Utilising the Earth as a thermal battery to optimise building engineering systems

Froster Engineering offers a suite of services purposefully developed to provide our clients a strategic advantage in the building development industry.

  • Building Heat Load Calculation Optimisation (reduce geothermal loop requirements)
  • Geothermal feasibility capacity sizing.
  • Geothermal / Mech Plant Integration concepts
  • Geothermal Detailed Design and Documentation
  • Earth Tube Design and Documentation

The Earth holds a relatively consistent temperature year-round below the surface. This varies with region, soil condition, and depth. Traditional Mechanical HVAC systems reject heat from a vapour compressor refrigerant cycle/heat pump to the atmosphere. When it’s hot out, the mechanical systems dump to hot. When it’s cold outside, the mechanical systems dump to cold.

What if we use the ground which is a more consistent heat sink to offer a more efficient means of rejecting hot/cold? This is geothermal engineering. We welcome any opportunities to offer feasibility, design, and integration of geothermal engineered systems for your building development projects.