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Retail & Serviced Apartments Mixed Use Development (Quest Hotel) / 4 Star Green Rating.

Golf Box, Joondalup

Froster Engineering worked closely with the client as they were motivated to provide an optimally efficient mechanical system.


We educated Graham Johnson on the benefits and actual operation and functionality of an economy cycle “free cooling” for a packaged air conditioning (rooftop) unit.  Getting Graham’s understanding and buy-in for this concept was key.  As the key decision maker the client then drives the solution and provides momentum to the design team.  Soon after the Rooftop packaged solution was agreed we had the opportunity to provide for a roof plant location to suit architectural elements of the building. (i.e. ensure we have safe access however plant is not visible from the street).  We succeeded in our aims and the client is very happy with the outcome.

We note here the client had plans and did implement a large (25kw) solar array for this new development.  We advocate for renewable technologies to reduce energy outlay.  The mechanical systems (air conditioning) of a building drive up to 50% of the energy budget thus we feel it’s of more importance to find a means to improve the effectiveness of the mechanical systems first.  The payback on economy cycle over and above a standard ducted system is on the order of 2-3.  PV panels at the time of purchase would see a payback of 3-5 years.

As utility rates continue to increase we look to protect our clients from future increases while also offering less impact to their carbon footprint.

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  • Mechanical (HVAC) Design and Documentation
  • Options Brief Development
  • Spatial Architectural Planning to suit Roof Plant
  • Effective Energy Design Consultancy

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