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Mep Design

Enhance the end user experience within your buildings.

Froster Engineering offers a suite of services purposefully developed to provide our clients a strategic advantage in the building development industry.

  • Mechanical Design (HVAC)
  • Electrical Design (Lighting / Power)
  • Hydraulic Design (Plumbing)
  • Radiant Indoor Climate
  • Passive Ventilation

Buildings consume a significant (up to 40%) of the world’s energy generated. Mechanical (HVAC) systems alone consume 50% on average of a buildings energy consumption budget. Via having an understanding of the fundamentals and an ability to align electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems design we have an opportunity to provide mutual benefit and energy reduction amongst the specialist services.

We offer a full range of building engineering services. Our cross discipline & knowledge sharing culture allows us to see opportunities and efficiency clearly where they “traditionally” would not be seen. This will provide you more streamlined results and better performance outcomes.