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Air Quality Optimisation

A focus on health and well being starts with our most important asset; people. We are what we breathe.

Froster Engineering offers a suite of services purposefully developed to provide our clients a strategic advantage in the building development industry.

  • NCC Natural Ventilation Compliance Assessments
  • Mixed Mode Design Integration with HVAC
  • Air Quality Monitoring and Reporting
  • Enhanced Passive Ventilation Design Integration
  • Existing Mechanical (HVAC) system optimisation to improve air quality via design modifications and filtration upgrades.

We are what we breathe. We spend 90% of our lives in buildings. Our lungs act as a filter to constantly ensure the air quality our bodies take in for energy is held to a high standard. The buildings we occupy offer a great ability to impact our lives in a more positive manner when we focus on the health and well being of the ventilation systems which are incorporated. Natural, passive, mechanical ventilation methods are all available.

At Froster Engineering, we are passionate in delivering healthy air at the design stage or post-occupancy in finding means to improve air quality for the spaces we live in.