Froster Engineering pushed the boundaries of typical mechanical ventilation design on this project in the best interest of the staff and children for the day care.

We provided for a design which included an economy cycle for standard ducted split DX reverse cycle air conditioning.  This system was incorporated for the following benefits:

  • Free Cooling thus when outside air temperature is suitable dampers will operate in a manner to allow for “free cooling”.
  • The day care tenant is responsible for utility $ costs.  As such we sought to minimise them for the sustainability of their business operations (lower overheads).
  • A purge cycle button has been allowed thus when odd and occasional “smells” happen in the day care, the dampers and fans operate to clear out the air within the room quickly thus to avoid any cross contamination and continued smells.

This is a good example of how FE focuses on the best interest of the end user to provide for more aligned design outcomes.  We note this value adding design is mutually beneficial for the developer, client as they will have a good start toward establishing a loyal, satisfied tenant going forward.

For a detailed array of project types and value adding examples contact us direct to request a full capability statement.

  • Mechanical (HVAC) Design
  • Economy Cycle Value Add to Ducted AC
  • Controls Specification to suit Economy Cycle