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4 Star Quality Hotel with 200+ Rooms, Conference Room(s), Offices, Commercial Kitchen, Retail Stores, Restaurant and Cafe.

Ingot Hotel, 225 Great Eastern Highway

Froster Engineering took a multi-faceted roll on this key hotel development project from Energy Efficiency compliance to Mechanical system design and coordination with architecture, electrical, acoustic & hydraulic trades.


A central chiller mechanical plant was coordinated at roof level and coordinated closely with the structural & acoustic engineers on the project team.  The size of chillers and noise breakout was managed via acoustic treatments, screening and concrete slab separation between plant and hotel levels.

Given the large area of full height glazing along ground level feature areas (function lobby, conference rooms, cafe, restaurant, reception) the National Construction Codes (NCCs) Energy Efficiency requirements (Section J) for glazing performance and shading would have forced extremely dark glass.  The JV3 model allows us to off-set energy credits taking the building as a whole thus allowing for a consistent, practical glass specification for the builder for the entire development.

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  • Mechanical (HVAC) Design
  • Mechanical Tender Management & Workshops
  • Energy Efficiency Assessment (JV3)
  • Glazing Specification
  • Construction Administration

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