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Our Vision is Clear: 5 Years in the Making

With clarity of purpose anything is possible!!

Froster Engineering was initially started for family reasons, with a motivation to provide for my family and more urgently, to take my first daughter out of day care.

This drive has lead to an organic evolution of  ‘Why’ we are now here.  We have a greater purpose.  We have had many successful projects, satisfied clients and rewarding experiences over our first 5 years of business.  Reverse engineering the nature of the industry and coupling this with my many years of experience in the industry we have found a ‘new paradigm shift’ which is key to ensuring a better future for the places in which we live.  We appreciate the new paradigm shift will require a concerted effort to educate and maintain a dialogue.  This is what we intend to provide to the market and motivated clients.

Clarity of Purpose

All projects and client experiences have been fantastic and rewarding! I can see now that all the intricacies of each relationship have greatly contributed toward my growth and insight.  For this I am extremely grateful.  For all of the great experiences and projects we look to take this further now and give back more value than meets the eye.  How will we do this you ask?  The answer is really quite simple.  The application and framework however requires a shift in thinking to apply.  The key formula to how we will achieve greater outcomes is as follows:

  • Early planning and intervention
  • Creativity in design
  • Lower cost and higher value
  • Education

Being involved early in the project planning stage allows us to offer creative ideas to lower project costs and offer higher project value outcomes.  We also strongly believe in education – the concept of sharing ideas across disciplines to ultimately deliver the best project outcome.  This is what we want to offer clients who are motivated to go above and beyond the industry standard.

Business as Usual Gets in the Way

Businesses have the power to make change with clear vision and focus. Unfortunately when caught in the middle of bringing cash flow in the door very little time is allowed a business owner to “re-write” the script.

I’ve been reverse engineering the industry paradigm now for 5 years (18 years in the industry overall) as I perform day to day engineering and technical duties. I’ve worked out a clear resolution to the issues at hand which will drive better buildings at lower cost and higher efficiency.  I have been drawn to the following key matters:

  • Team formation and incentives
  • Personality and Motivation Conflicts
  • New Technologies not applied
  • Lack of early engineering input

I have a clear vision but as an engineer and business who was never trained in marketing I had no idea how to voice this message clearly.  I had many ideas however couldn’t seem to ‘find my way’ to the answer. Until now…

Marketing Expertise 2nd to None

Craig Francis (Director of C4Concepts) and his team were engaged to help us create a new brand and vessel to communicate our mission. I had no emotional connection to our original brand and as such my true passions and visions for the business hit a wall.  I had an established trust, faith and ‘belief’ in Craig and his team immediately as their branding established in me a belief and understanding of ‘Why’ they were in business.  Their message was clear!

Our new brand was born from an open dialogue and discussion surrounding the industry issues at play and our view of where things can be re-focused.  Craig and his team were ‘engaged’ in the process and ‘listened intently’ to the key issues and inspirations at play with our vision. They took all the elements of this information and allowed it to channel along with their creative juices into a new brand which we can honestly say we are VERY PROUD OF!!! We are most proud of it as it strikes a true chord in what we believe can make GREAT POSITIVE change for our client’s projects and the end user.

Great teams working together to a common vision and a common purpose. We were in step with communication and listening and a great result came about.  Coincidentally the process of how we created this new brand is EXACTLY the process we are envisioning leading to greater value in our industry!!

The fire of passion has been lit anew and we are now filled with a strong sense of renewed purpose and direction.  The drive and passion have literally created new life.

For those business owners out there who feel like they are going through the motions with no clear direction and motivation for what they are doing they likely have a misalignment of vision and purpose. I would highly recommend they look to focus on their brand and vision alignment. As you can gather from above we would not hesitate to recommend Craig’s services and C4Concepts. They are an extremely talented and inspired team. Don’t hesitate. Now that I have a clear direction the pedal is to the metal.

Introducing ‘The Collaborative Triangle’

‘This logo reflects the collaborative aspect of the industry as well as a new direction
of Froster. The individual elements work together to create a larger, stronger end
result. Some parts are intentionally left unfilled as to create visual interest, as well as
signifying the process of construction. Lastly, the arrow is directed both upwards and
to the right to symbolise growth and prosperity for ALL.’

Video Summary

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