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Our Expertise

Your recipe for success lies amongst our unique service offering

  • Education
  • Intergrated Achitectural Planning
  • Design Thinking & Management
  • Building Systems Engineering (mep)
  • Effective Energy Design
  • Health & Wellness

Our service offering organically derived from years of experience and an extensive process of reverse engineering of the systematic issues at play in the building design and construction industry. Leading property developers who act upon our recipe for success shall optimise their building project's value and energy efficiency targets.

This list is not all inclusive so feel free to contact us regarding your project specific requirements. Our services offering will continue to develop to suit the best interests of our society, clients and our team’s professional growth. Contact us direct for a personalised recent Statement of Capability for your reference.


Establishing a culture of knowledge growth and sharing is our greatest tool to drive innovation. A strong belief in cross discipline thinking will enhance your ability to develop cost effective, efficient architecture.

Integrated Architectural Planning

Greater value adding ideas and streamlining of traditional excess takes place during the "seeding" phase of any building development project. We strive to uncover all nuggets of opportunity in architecture & engineering.

Design Thinking & Management

A strong focus on teaming and a strategic framework for design will bring out the best integrated ideas to set your projects apart. Innovation for architecture firstly requires a fresh approach in 'how' we go about design.

Building Systems Engineering (mep)

Mechanical {HVAC}, Electrical & Lighting, and Plumbing {Hydraulic} engineering systems offer capital cost and energy efficiency advantages when developed in parallel as one seamless, combined discipline.

Effective Energy Design

Renewable technologies coupled with advancements in building systems & architectural fabric design leads towards an overall energy efficiency greater than that of these systems in isolation.

Health & Wellness

A strong focus on the end user with respect to health, happiness, comfort and productivity will lead to better building design. Tenants, Owners and the Public must realise, as living beings, "we are our environment."

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